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Sometimes your plants need a drink too, and what better way than allowing them to water themselves; 
No need to waste time and money on an electrical plant watering system. These simple irrigation spikes

can be installed and running in minutes; 
Fits most water and soda bottles (up to 2 liter). Extra long spike for stable planting. Use of Coke bottles

do water storage,the water and fertilizer directly to the plant roots;
The self-watering device need to be inserted vertically into the soil deeper(above 15cm is best), otherwise

the bottle with water will falling off easier. 

1.Fill a plastic bottle with water; 
2.Insert the pin into the socket,then put the watering device on top of the bottle; 
3.Flip them over and place them beside your plants,if there is no water out from the water port,please

pull out the pin,then the water flows out from the water port,insert the pin immediately again. 

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